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Taurus 22 PLY Pocket Pistol

Taurus 22 PLY Pocket Pistol

First Reviewed October 4, 2010
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Overall Value4.

The Taurus .22 PLY pocket pistol is one of the smallest and lightest guns that the company produces. The original version had both a metal slide and frame but the platform was eventually changed over to a polymer frame. A twin .25 version of the pistol is also available but will receive its own review set.

This pocket pistol is purpose built to be both light and small in order to maximize concealability. All superfluous design elements have been eliminated in order to achieve these goals. Examining the pistol from top down, this quickly becomes clear.

The sights of the .22 PLY pistol are fixed with the front sight made integral to the barrel and the rear formed as part of the slide. The trigger is double-action-only and the gun cycles via simple blowback operation. The barrel itself is of a tip-up design which makes chambering the first round both safe and easy, even for those of sleight wrist strength.

Safety systems for this pocket pistol are limited to a typical manual thumb safety and single internal safety. No ambidextrous safety is made available on these guns.

The .22 PLY gets a typical dark blued finish with the slide sporting aggressive scalloped slide serrations that make manipulation of the slide a non-issue. The 8 round magazine also has a extended but plate which gives your grip a little more purchase on the gun while shooting.

Reviews of the Taurus .22 PLY can be found below. Please limit the reviews here to the .22 version of the pistol because, as we said before, the .25 PLY pocket pistol will have its own exclusive review space.


4 Reviews for “Taurus 22 PLY Pocket Pistol”
  1. MH says:

    This gun is the PT22 with minor modifications. I’ve had the PT22 for about 5 years with 1000 or more rounds through it. When first purchased, it was returned to Taurus immediately, due to constant FTF. The feed ramp was throated and polished – then returned to me. It works fine, but needs to be kept cleaned and lubed to be reliable.

    Dirty Thunderbolts feed fine – just strip/clean after shooting. CCI Stingers and High Velocity are good to go. Remember strip, clean and lubricate lightly.

    The PT22 sights are decorative. So point and shoot is the rule. 3″ groups at 3 yards, 5-8″ groups at 7 yard, and reach for your full sized semi-auto beyond.

    The old rosewood grips are fine with a pinkie rest on the magazine floor plate. Comfortable for my almost big hands.

    As a carry, well, the PT22 is light, concealable and has an easy to manage thumb safety. It’s a good shooter with little recoil. This pocket gun is fun at the range and finds its way on me during the summer months. Field strip, clean and lube the PT22 routinely ……… and it’ll be good to you.

  2. Dale Lima says:

    I have had my PT22 for over a year now and really like the little gun. The first time I shot it I went through all kinds of ammo too see what it liked. There were many FTF And FTE issues, the gun likes the cheap Walmart Bulk pack Federals 36 grain hollow points. Since all the issues i’ve fired 300+ rounds without any problems. I use this little gun for a fast pickup and go gun. It fits into my pocket with no problems. There is one issue I have with the gun and it’s the plastic recoil buffer on the front of the slide, the gun eats them up so order a few extra from Taurus. Taurus should have made this 25 cent part out of nylon not plastic so they last longer. I know the little 22 long rifle is not the best for self defence but i’ve got 9 rounds and will just keep pulling the trigger. When the police show up and ask why did you shoot him 9 times, i’ll say because I ran out of ammo. Extra magizines are hard too find here i’ve been too all the gun shops with no luck. The gun is really a nice looking gun. I have a Beretta 21 22 and it was hard finding ammo too cycle with it. Keep playing around with different ammo and you will find the right brand. Our local gun shop has the PT25 for $199.00 I think since the price of 25 ammo is so high everyone is buying the 22, so there trying too get rid of them.

  3. Melroy McDonnald says:

    The first 2 post’s seem to totaly miss the point. These reviews were to be about the NEW POLY FRAME PT22. NOT the metal framed PT22.
    There is a bazilloin reviews on the older PT22′s allready on the web.
    Lets keep the focus on the NEW POLY version only please. Thanks.

    As to my own review, I had the old PT22 and sold it to a very close freind. I picked up a new POLY PT22PLY with the nickel slide the other day. Between myself, my cousin “Popeye”, my wife, and my 15 year old son, we managed to burn up 4 boxes ( 400 rounds! ) of CCI MiniMag solid round nose through this little gun!!! It was field stripped, cleaned, barrel/chamber & feed ramp was brushed down till it shined every 50 rounds. Used TetraGun Grease to relube with a LIGHT film on the slide rails. 0,,,, ZERO! falures of ANY KIND!
    Awesome little gun! Not all that accurate, but at 15 yards every one of us could keep it under 8″, with my son’s largest group of 5.5″. ( One up for the YOUNGER EYES!!! LOL )
    Speaking of eyes & seeing, the sights,,,,,,well,,,,SUCK.
    BUT, before I ever fired the very first shot out of this gun, the front sight post was painted orange, and the back of the rear sight was painted flat black. That little trick I had learned from my Nickel slide PT25 that I still own. (My PT22 was the old blue slide)
    Summary: This makes the 5th PT I have owned. NEVER have had any problems from any of them that were related to the GUN.
    Ammo picky? Yep. Use MiniMags or Stingers & never look back.
    PT22 vs. PT25? My humble opinion, stick with the 22 & Stingers for S.D.
    Ideal carry gun? NO! BUT, you will more & more often find your 1911 staying in the GLOVEBOX, while the PT will ALLWAYS be in your pocked!

  4. Melroy McDonnald says:

    Oops! Forgot to RATE it! 8-o

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