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Glock 32 .357 Compact Pistol

Glock 32 .357 Compact Pistol

First Reviewed October 11, 2010
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In the world of self-defense pistols, a lot of ink is spilled in various publications about which cartridge is the best. The .45 crowd ignores the tech talk of others and holds to tradition, easy access to ammo, and the overall size of the round as the reason for being the best. The 9mm crew always will talk about how their cartridge will get the job done regardless of it's overall power and the fact that more rounds can be effectively carried in most guns in the 9mm configuration. The 10mm crowd holds to the belief that theirs is the ultimate power round while those who love it's little brother, the .40 S&W, feel that their shorter cartridge is a better mix of power to magazine capacity while still being relatively easy to control. All that is fine and good, but there is something to be said about the necked down cartridge of the .357 SIG and it is this set of benefits that made it clear to Glock that an addition to the company lineup was in order and thus the Glock G32 compact pistol as born.

Many know that the .357 SIG was designed with the goal in mind of creating a auto loading pistol round which had the initial velocity and end power characteristics of the .357 magnum revolver. The end product very often comes close to this goal depending on how the cartridge is loaded and this factor pretty much guarantees that any pistol loaded with .357 SIG can confidently be relied upon to be a man-stopper.

The G32 holds close to the standard design of all pistols but obviously most closely resembles the full size G31 service pistol. The slide of the Glock 32 shrinks by about half an inch and the overall height of the gun is cut down from 5.43 to 5.00 inches. The unloaded weight of the gun rings in at 21.52 oz., which is 1.75 oz. lighter overall.

To many shooters these differences are minimal with the true benefit being in the fact that, on a practical basis, the small changes in size make the G32 significantly easier to carry concealed. Of course, such benefits always have trade offs and in this case we find the magazine capacity going from 17 rounds down to 15 but an optional extended magazine can make up the difference allowing the Glock 32 owner to have the benefit of both worlds where concealability and magazine capacity are concerned.

The other major design elements on the Glock 32 compact pistol march in step with most others in the company's line. The guns are available from the factory only in the standard hardened matte black finish, feature dovetailed combat sights that can easily be upgraded to night sights at any time, a forged slide and barrel matched to a steel reinforced polymer frame.

The gun features three internal safeties as well as a trigger safety to insure against accidental discharges. The magazine release is easily reversible to accommodate left handed shooters, but the gun is not truly ambidextrous as is the case with those in the Smith & Wesson M&P line because the slide release is still consigned to the one side of the pistol which favors right handed shooters.

Reviews of the Glock 32 compact pistol can be found below. Thanks in advance for sharing your experience with this gun as many are wondering about how well the less known .357 SIG versions of the Glock pistols perform. Be sure to include your review in the right place as the G19, G23, G25, and G38 have their own review sets.


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  1. Jarred says:

    I have a glock 19, 23 and 32. The 19 is what it is and its just fine. The 40 is what is and is just fine. The 32 is the perfect combination of both and again, it is what it is. The recoil is faster on the 32 than the 23 so it is not actually felt as much. Capacity is the same. Ballistics on the 32 (.357 sig round) are incredible. With the bottleneck of the round and the snappy slide recoil you have your highest possible percentage of chambering a round properly every time. Add the fact that it is a Glock and you cannot beat it. I plink all day long with the 19 but when slf defense comes into play I only carry the 32……actually the 33. I have the 26, 27 and 33. Really I just have two gun frames. I have the 23 and the 27 but have both 9mm and .357 barrels for both and its awsome! Final note. I do like the 45 and I do like other makes such as Springfield XD and Smith & Wesson M&P. This is only my choice. I hope to never have to use them except for sport. Good luck.

  2. JIm Mullin says:

    Glock makes three models in 357 sig caliber.The service pistol is the Glock31 with a 4.5 ” barrel.The compact is the Glock 32 with 4″ barrel.The model 33 is the subcompact with 3.5″ barrel.The Glock 32 is the 357 pistol that would fit most people’s hands the best.Even small hands would prefer it to the G33.The G32 splits the difference between the G31 and G33.The 357 sig caliber is actually a 9mm but it was named the 357 to illustrate it’s purpose for existing.In most 125 gr loadings the 357 sig from a 4″ barrel approximates 1350 fps muzzle velocity.Some ammo makers add a little more powder and take it to 1450 fps,( the same as a 357 magnum 125 gr loading )What you have in the G32 is comfortably sized ,very reliable,durable,easy to field strip,accurate,light weight 13 shot pistol that is reasonably easy to conceal.It is a 13+1 ( G31 15 shot magazines fit the G32 )357 magnum eqivalent.For maximum concealability it dissappears in a belly band holster even under a tee shirt.In a holster it will hide under an untucked shirt.All glocks meet NATO standards for a military service pistol and can digest a constant diet of +P loads.I once had a Glock and an XD pistol in a range bag in the trunk of my car.I came upon a turn that i had to make but noticed it just in time.I made the turn and i could hear the two pistols collide in the trunk.The Glock had no mark on it,the XD,a big scratch,through the “melonite” coating into the metal itself.The Glock is a tested weapon.Some 60% of American law enforcement pistols are Glocks.The G32 is a perfect size for a carry gun.The cartridge that it fires is more powerful than a 9mm+p++ round.You can’t do much better than a 14 shot 357 magnum.

  3. Mark says:

    I have the Glock 32. It handles real well… shot over 4000 rounds, still feels and looks like new…..easy to clean, conceal and carry…has enough stopping power for a mid size handgun….bought 40S&W replacement barrel, two powerful handguns into one…..what else can i say.:)

  4. Sal says:

    Great gun. Glock 32 is a powerful gun and fun to shoot. Glock guns are the best on the market.
    The 357sig ammo is a little expensive but what a powerful round. So buy it and you will not want
    Any other.

  5. Sal says:

    The glock 32 is a powerful gun that is really fun to shoot. The ammo is a little expensive, but what do you want with the power to stop someone with one shot. If you buy this gun you will not want another.
    Glock is the best on the market.

  6. Uncle Buck says:

    I shoot my Glock 20sf regularly 10m is great! but to have a compact like the G-32 which is lighter and smaller than G-29sf, and still puts out .357 mag ballistics with 14rds! Thats a Dynamo in a small package! I’m getting one soon and a .40 cal KKM Precision conversion barrell too. What a combo! perfect couple that with a Kahr P-45. Booya! Bang ! Bang !

  7. waynegot! says:

    this is the only glock I carry concealed. powerful accurate and very dependable.

  8. ltd51 says:

    I just bought the G32 after agonizing over my three narrowed down choices of G19, G23 or G32. I finally decided on the G32 for it’s power and speed. I expected all sorts of snappy recoil and to only be able to shoot it for a bit due to this. I was pleasantly surprised by its very manageable recoil. I love this gun. It’s my first Glock. (Likely not to be the last) I plan on getting aftermarket barrels so I can shoot reloads in 9mm and 40. I do find it less easy to conceal than my other smaller handguns. Other than that, It’s great.

  9. waynegot! says:

    I have owned alot of different hand guns over the last few years, but the 32 has been my gun of choise for nearly two years. the 357 sig. is fast and has a very manageable recoil. it is a 9mm on steroids. easier to coneal than my commander para 45 and has six more rounds. if your looking for a great handgun you need to check one out….

  10. Fletcher says:

    The rate of twist is 15 to 1. To slow. Accuracy suffers a little. But at legal self defense distance this is no issue. I have had MANY GLOCK hand guns and they are the finest hand gun you can own. Glock 20 n10mm is my all time fav. For conceal carry when your life and your family members lives are on the line. Glock is the only choice. My choice-Glock 32 in 357 sig.

  11. Turbodoc55 says:

    I have owned my Glock 32 for 11 years now and I still enjoy shooting it. It usually stays at home or in the car and still looks like new. I had it fitted with Tritium night sights on the rear and they still glow in the dark even after 11 years. The recoil is considerably less than the .40 S&W round. It is definately my choice for personal defense if ever needed.

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