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Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact 1911 Pistol

Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact 1911 Pistol
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For many years the Springfield Armory Ultra Compact with its 3.5” barrel was sufficient to meet the needs of the carrying public who wanted a small 1911 pistols which could be concealed in nearly every situation regardless of what you were wearing. Over time, however, the race to produce small and smaller guns created the environment which would eventually lead to the introduction of the EMP. In the meantime, Springfield Armory developed the Loaded Micro Compact.

The barrel of the gun shrunk down from 3.5” to 3” even. The gun retained the bull barrel and the front of the slide received Springfield's “Extreme Bevel” treatment which shaved off all of the characteristic rough edges which might hinder reholstering in a tense situation.

Advances in technology allowed Springfield Armory to upgraded the Loaded Micro Compact 1911 pistol to a forged aluminum alloy frame which was significantly lighter than the stainless steel frame of the Ultra Compact. The new developments in aluminum alloy production allowed the final product to be lighter but avoided the prevalent reliability problems which typically plague small-frame guns when firing large caliber ammunition such as the .45 ACP.

Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact Gallery

Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact Gallery

As with all “Loaded” 1911 pistols, the Springfield Armory Micro Compact gets a match-grade crossdrilled trigger, fully supported match-grade barrel, High Hand beavertail grip safety, Delta hammer, ambidextrous thumb safety, lowered and flared ejection port, and a dual-spring full length guide rod.

Being a premium pistol, all Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact guns (Model #: PX9801LP) come with upgraded Tritium 3-dot night sights. They are low profile combat style sights and are made to offer as little drag as possible when drawing the gun for presentation.

Only a Bi-Tone finish is offered for this gun with the forged slide and barrel being made of stainless steel and the aluminum frame receiving a black anodized hardcoat. The Micro Compact is finished out with Cocobolo hardwood grips which sport both a double-diamond design as well as the Springfield Armory log engraved in the center. The gun ships from the factory with two 6 round magazines.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact 1911 pistol can be found below. Please write a review of your own if your have used this gun in the past and share the good, the bad, and the ugly about its overall performance and value. Be sure to include your review in the right place as the Loaded Micro Compact Operator, Loaded Ultra Compact, G.I. Micro Compact, and both the EMP-9 and EMP-40 are similar in appearance but have their own independent review sets. If you wish to have a picture of your personal rendition of this pistol, please email it to and we'll include it in the Loaded Micro Compact Photo Gallery.

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7 Reviews for “Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact 1911 Pistol”
  1. Allen Slansky says:

    I went to buy the new (at that time) XD-series. It was getting great reviews.
    But it felt all wrong in my hand, blocky grip, I just didn’t feel the love.
    Then the wise salesman showed me the Micro. What a beauty!
    I took it to the range and didn’t shoot it very well, plus it jammed a bit.
    The salesman worked on my grip, and exchanged a magazine for a Kimber mag.
    (he had given me a Wilson Combat, and the S/A Micro did not like it, go figure)
    Back to the range. I’d say it had some growing pains for the first 50 rounds.
    After that, it has been flawless.
    I bought a Don Hume IWB holster and was surprised at how flat the Micro stayed to my body. I’d actually forgot I had it on around the house. (I didn’t have a CCW yet)

    I bought the Springfield over the Kimber because of the claims of excellent customer service, which thankfully, I’ve never needed.

    If I were to nit-pick, I get some stains in the serrations of the slide that are hard to remove. Little black dots. Rust? Not really. I clean them with an emery board and they clean up.

    My big complaint is the difficulty in take down and assembly, namely the slide release pin. The first time I attempted to clean it, I swore the takedown pin would not go back in. There are two small pins in the 1911 that protrude from a channel on the grip. One puts tension on the slide release and the other puts tension on the safety. I assume there’s a spring between them. But they don’t move easily.
    You cannot push the slide release pin straight back in. You have to sneak up on it.
    I ended up with the scratch on the frame so common on all 1911′s. Now I’ll use a card, but it’s too late. (Sorry, JMB, bad design)

  2. Bryan Gomez says:

    Took my new compact LW micro bi tone to the range yesterday shoot winchester 185 FMJ white box through it about 100 rounds operated flawless no jam. Shot @ 3, 5, 7 not to bad shoots about 3 inches and about 1 1/2 to left low point of aim point of impact @ 10 yards way low have to aim at the neck of the target to hit the chest, all in all it is not a target pistol but a good carry and bedside pistol. Fit and finish it is a beautiful pistol easy to handle and carry, I am a big guy about 6′ 5″ and did not think I would ever buy a compact pistol until I picked up this one very comfortable fit and feel. It is a bit pricey over 1100.00 with tax and all but I think it is well worth it.

  3. Timothy King says:

    I bought a used micro Compact bi tone(PX980)that I aquired 3 day ago. I to the range today the weapoon shot flawlessly it is truely a work of art I shoot Lawman 230 gr. also I shoot 230 gr. Blazers. it took two magazines to get my sight picture right at 25 yards this little firearm is totaly accurate and dependable this is my new go to weapon for Conceal and Carry on a scale of 1- 10 this weapon is a ten there were no jams or any other issuse Hats off to Springfield

  4. Beaverton1911 says:

    Bought the Springfield Loaded Micro Compact .45 Cal. after seeing it first at a local gun show, and then following up with the dealer at their shop the next day. I owned a Kimber Pro Carry II in 2009, and loved it, but in gaining my CCW, was looking for a smaller pistol in same 1911 design. Not knowing much about the 1911 Springfield, the salesman explained the exceptional lifetime warranty, price ($1,059 – ouch!), and reliability. He said (and showed me the attached pamphlet from Springfield) that the Micro Compact is the “Official sidearm used by FBI swat teams.” I purchased the damn thing, expecting high satisfaction. I took it to the range, and fired around 500 rounds through it. I was pleased that with the first 6-round magazine, I struck the target twice at around 40-45 feet. The weapon did have some FTF (Fail-to-feed), and Stovepipes for those 500 rounds, but after performs flawlessly. However, the recoil on this particular firearm is very crisp – too crisp – when compared to the recoil of the bushing-less bull-barrel of the Kimber Pro Carry II. Also, I found the thin-line cocobolo grips too thin, making it hard to get control and picture while firing. I have fired many 1911′s, and the crisp, hard recoil of this model seem to be due to the dual-recoil spring assembly…..why would Springfield do this? After the initial break-in firing of the weapon – breakdown and extreme cleaning process – I found that the tolerances are light. The slide makes noise when the firearm in shaken left or right in my hand. I dislike that. My father purchased the Sig Sauer Ultra Carry around the same time I purchased this Springfield, and his tolerances are tight and amazing! The gun show came back this weekend to town, and I went today. I am contemplating trading my Springfield for the Kimber Super Carry Ultra 3″, or Compact Carry 4″, or Sig Ultra Carry 3″. Sorry Springfield, but I can not stand behind a firearm that is hard to control on target, with loose tolerances – for CCW – ultimately, a missed round striking an innocent bystander could cause grave damage, and, the FBI to reexamine their choice.

  5. bill questard says:

    I bought a springfield armory emp 40 cal. and I love this hand gun I’ve put a lot of rounds thru it,,, no jam ups,,,, a very nice hand gun,,, my only problame I have is the slide is so hard for me to pull back,,, I went to the gun shop where I bought it and showed it to the sales man and we tried the 9 mm and it was easer to pull the slide back but because I like the 40 cal I’m keeping it,,, I guess it’s something I have to live with


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