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Taurus Millennium Pro 111 Sub-Compact Pistol

Taurus Millennium Pro 111 Sub-Compact Pistol

First Reviewed September 4, 2010
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The Millennium Pro 111is a full-featured 9mm sub-compact pistol that has everything needed to get the job done. This gun is perfect for people who like to carry a small gun but want a traditional modern trigger setup instead of double-action-only.

The Millennium Pro combines a polymer frame with a satin stainless steel slide and barrel. Overall length for the gun is only a hair over 6” and it weights in at 18.7 ounces.

Grips on all Millennium Pro sub-compact pistols feature an ergonomic, no slip design. The grip extension integrated into the 10 round magazines provide enough control over the gun that multiple shots can effectively be placed on target.

As with all Millennium Pro designs, the 9mm sub-compact features three integral safety systems. These include a manual thumb safety, an internal firing pin block safety, and a trigger block safety. The gun also sports a loaded chamber indicator.

These guns also feature Heinie Straight Eight sights, advanced finger indexing Memory Pad, and enhanced slide serrations for an effective grip when loading or clearing the chamber.

Reviews for all color variants of the Millennium Pro 111 9mm sub-compact pistol can be submitted here and should be approved within 24 hours. If you are looking to write a review on the .32 Millennium Pro 132, .380 Millennium Pro 138, .40 Millennium Pro 140, or .45 Millennium Pro 145, please select the proper review set so that readers can get the best info about the gun they are researching.


8 Reviews for “Taurus Millennium Pro 111 Sub-Compact Pistol”
  1. Gary says:

    I own the milleenium Pro 111 9mm with 12 round magazine and black slide.
    Great ammo capacity for such a small gun. Light trigger pull and fits the hand well. At 30ft you can shoot tight groups. Recoil is light for a gun of this size.

    Unlike many of the guns in this category it has a 1911 syle manual safety.
    The gun also provides a trigger safety and firing pin block safety.

    The gun has two dots sights rather than the normal three. The setup works well.

    I’d like to see night sites as an option…
    And the slide release take more pressure to release than I would like.

    Overall a great value -3 safeties, shoots well, reliable, 12 round clip at
    $ 359. an excellent deal. If offered for $ 400. with night sites it would be a steal.

    rater = recreational target shooter and plinker

  2. ike says:

    love it. shoots deadly acurate.takes sig p226 magazines 2. igot a 18 rounder 4 mine. sticks out the bottom a bit but works great.

  3. Chuck says:

    I’ve been in law enforcement for 28 years, starting out with wheel guns, and then going through a variety of semi-autos throughout the years. Like many, I remember when Taurus didn’t have the greatest reputation. When I came across a NIB Millenium Pro with two magazines for sale at $280.00 I did my research and then took the plunge.

    I have been very impressed with this weapon. I have put about 600 rounds through it without a hiccup. The gun has held up well – no cracks, spurs or anything else that would interfere with smooth operation. After a fair amount of practice, it’s easy to shoot tight groups at 15 yards.

    It may not be as concealable as some of the little pocket .380′s or 9′s, but as a personal preference I would never carry anything smaller..I’m more comfortable with the 12 in the mag and one in the pipe. I carry 147 gr rounds, which would have sufficient stopping power for my purposes.

  4. Don says:

    I have the PT111 and would not recommend this gun to anyone. At 3 yards the bullets hit bottom of target, over 3 yards forget it. I have been shooting handguns for 15 years, both semi and revolvers, worst gun I have ever owned. I replaced the Heine sights with William Fire Sights and it did not improve one bit. Trashed it and bought S&W M&P 9c.

  5. Robert says:

    I have the Millenium Pro 9 MM and love it! It has performed flawlessly and is a dream to shoot.
    I like it so well I am thinking of getting it in the 40 cal.

  6. Ron Hammond says:

    I have the millenium pt 111 pro 9 mm and I highly recommend this gun. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about buying this gun, but I liked the fact that it held 12 + 1. I’ve only shot about 200 rounds thru it so far, but it has performed flawlessly.. very light trigger, very accurate and just plain fun to shoot. This is definetly one that Taurus got right!

  7. Bear King says:

    My first Taurus was the PT-111. The second round in the new piece failed to fire. I was unable to finish a box of 50 rounds. Packed the thing up and sent it back to Taurus. I received the repaired gun from Taurus in just eight days. Over the next three weeks myself, my wife and a friend put 2,000+ rounds through the thing and neither of the three of us experienced one malfunction. The malfunction turned out to be a bent firing pin (which Taurus sent back to me). Taurus done me good!

    Based on my experience with the PT-111, I purchased a PT-140 .40S&W and received the same reliability from this gun as with the refurbed PT-111. And now to be ridiculous, I next purchased a PT-145 .45ACP and it turned in as good results as I was getting from it’s sisters. Incidentally, all three of these guns shoot to point of aim consistently. The reliability is flawless and the purchase prices were right.

    If you might be considering a .40 as a carry gun and are thinking of the Springfield XD-40sc, the Taurus is the same physical size, costs a bunch less, has excellent factory backing, is quite accurate and the bore center is closer to the hand which aids in handling recoil better. I will note in closing that all three of my guns mentioned here are physically the same size. And each will fit the same holster.

  8. Darrin says:

    My Millenium Pro 9mm is the 2nd Taurus I’ve purchased. It’s tough to beat in the price range. It’s light, reasonably concealable, and an excellent entry-level choice for CC. I can very consistently knock down soda cans or suspended clay pigeons at around 25 yards or so (as can my 15 year daughter who has just shown an interest in shooting for about 6 months). My wife also enjoys shooting it for its relatively small recoil. I’d recommend it to family or friends.

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