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Taurus Model 709 Slim Compact Pistol

Taurus Model 709 Slim Compact Pistol

First Reviewed September 24, 2010
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The Taurus Model 709 Slim is a compact pistol primarily designed for use as a civilian concealed carry gun and not marketed as a service pistol to be used by police forces. That is not to say that this low-profile 9mm handgun does not find its way into the collection of law enforcement officers, but that when it does, it is mostly likely going to play a role as an off-duty weapon.

Recent years have seen an ever increasing numbers of people carrying guns for personal protection. Traditionally, many who carry have held the position that if you are going to carry a gun anyway, it makes sense to carry one which has the highest capacity as possible. The resurgance of popularity of 1911 pistols has shown that this is not necessarily true. Many have discovered the advantage in carrying convenience that can only come with the slimmer profile that a single stack compact pistol can provide.

Taurus, always trying to keep its finger on the pulse of the shooting public, took notice of this pent up demand and developed the Slim line of pistols. They feature a full compliment of features that are becoming pretty much standard and the the 9mm version of the Model 709 is no exception.

Every Taurus 709 Slim ships standard from the factory with an integrated split-trigger safety, fixed combat sights, single-action trigger, and a 7 round magazine capacity.

The Model 709 Slim is available in a deep blued finish which matches the frame or in a bi-tone model that features a stainless steel slide. Another edition sports a lighter titanium allow slide but is reviewed separately.

Reviews for both the blued and bi-tone versions of the Taurus Model 709 Slim compact pistol can be found below. Feel free to write a review of your own if you've used this gun in the past so you can share your own first hand insights with others. As mentioned before, please make sure that you place your review in the best place. Standard steel slide models are reviewed here and with a separate place to review the Model 709 Titanium.


20 Reviews for “Taurus Model 709 Slim Compact Pistol”
  1. Les Ed says:

    This Taurus 709 I have is totally inaccurate….Took it to a gunsmith and he told me it was the worst trigger pull mechanism he has ever seen…I am stuck with a piece of junk…I would not depend on this Taurus 709 in a life threatening situation…Overall this piece is rated by me as POOR. A total waste of money.

  2. I’ve owned the PT709 Slim since it first came out. I’ve put somewhere between 500-1,000 rounds through it with not F2F issues. The adjustable sights are a bit cheap but the gun is accurate, extremely thin, easy to conceal and fun to shoot. I’m a fan.

  3. ronnie says:

    The Taurus 709 I found has been a great little gun. it has not let me down at all,all my friends have seen how good this gun shots, looks, and how how inaccurate it shots. if any one needs a good little gun,try this one!! You will not beat it know were.

  4. olivia says:

    I love this gun, it shots great and it fits in my bag just right. My husband has the had a Niger gun,but when he seen mine and shot mine he,sold his gun and got one like mine I was so happy.his is black, mine is sliver looking, we both love our guns.

  5. Mike Myers says:

    Adjust the sights. Have fired 500 rounds through this 709SS without a hang. Excellent little pistol.

  6. MikeP says:

    This pistol was well thought out. I do believe it’s possible to get a bad gun. I’ve had my issues with a savage 220 Bolt action shot gun, after sighting it in, I could no longer remove the bolt. After a miserable experiance with savage customer service, I returned it to my dealer who thought I was crazy until he couldn’t move it either. Needless to say, two weeks later my gun was back “with some machining” and functioning. Now the 709 I purchased one month ago has been awesome. Like most, I did a fair amount of research prior to purchasing. I read about some misfeeds, and magazines dropping out. (I think somebody needs to keep their fingers away from the release) None of which have I experienced. I also found the accuracy @ 25 ft to be equal to my baby Desert Eagle, freehand easily in 6 to 12″ groups, rapid fire all on the target. There were complaints about the trigger. Really ? Is any pistol made for CC going to have something that goes off when the wind blows ? The long pull is there for a reason. I really love this thing, small enough to conceal, yet heavy enough to make it feel like something other than a cigarette lighter. The only reason I can’t go with five stars on the durability is because I’ve only fired a little over 200 rds. Thanks Taurus !

  7. Danny M. says:

    This is one of the best guns I have ever shot for a small gun. It is jam free and dead-on. If you can’t hit with this gun you shouldn’t have a gun to protect yourself.

  8. Chris G says:

    I own the Taurus PT-709 Slim with the stainless steel slide. It has been an absolute dream to shoot. It comfortably fits in my front pocket (blue jeans and khakis) with an Uncle Mike’s pocket holster. This pistol is every bit as accurate as my Glock 23 (Gen 4). I use my Taurus Slim as my EDC because my Glock is too bulky to carry with me all of the time. The Taurus also works very well in my suede Uncle Mike’s IWB holster clipped to my nylon running pants/shorts while I’m out for a jog, or at the gym lifting weights. I have put countless rounds through this pistol with no malfunctions yet.

  9. allan d says:

    have owned my 709 s.s. for over a year shoots every kind of ammo i have tried rws win federal hornady t.a.p. for hollow points checked out a kahr- keltec but really liked the feel of the 709 really happy with the purchase despite all the taurus bashing i have seen would buy another one in a heartbeat

  10. dppercell says:

    My wifes 709 slim is a real peace. Fails to fire about every second or third round of every clip inserted, front site fell off. sent it to taurus about two months ago, they can not tell me if it is repaired or not but it might ship back next week.

    You can not bet your life on something that will not put more than one or two down range and then fail to fire.

    Hope this explains their lifetime repair policy and warranty plus their service dept.

  11. dppercell says:

    Sorry i forgot my review.

  12. U.NIEVES says:


  13. Wayne says:

    I see there’s a lot of love/hate for the gun.
    I own one, and I’ve experienced absolutely no issues with it whatsoever; although, I caught hell trying to figure out how to disassemble it the first time. Fires all kinds of rounds without issue, and will be used as a concealed carry gun. Totally in love with mine.

  14. Fred C says:

    I bought 2 of the709`s for my daughters for cc. I wanted to shoot them first before I gave them their guns. Its a good thing I did! Both guns locked open with 1 cartridge still left in the mag. It took 68 min on hold before anybody would talk to me. they decided to send me 2 new mags, so we`ll see. The gun was accurate and the trigger pull wasn`t too bad. I hope the new mags solve my problem

  15. Byron says:

    Very pleased with this pistol. For less than $300 new this was a bargain, and is my 3rd Taurus. Have had no problems with any of them. It is VERY accurate, very concealable and will be my new carry gun. The trigger pull took a few rounds to get used to, but works fine. Being very light, thin and having a short handle this pistol does have noticable recoil for a 9mm, compared to a larger framed pistol. I have ordered a couple of magazine extensions that will give my little finger a place to hold on to, as well as some rubber traction grips for the handle. Should help my big hands a little with the grip and recoil. All 5 stars here for this pistol.

  16. charles says:

    I have purchased and fired this great little concealed carry pistol and have to say it is fantastic…Took a little getting used to the trigger pull(because it was so easy)…recoil was managable and no issues at all. I had purchased two additional magazines for a total of three and put all three mags through the gun with no issues…So far I have put ~100 rounds through it with no issues what-so-ever…I use a Uncle Mike’s no.12 IWB holster for concealed carry…I do admit it was a little difficult to rack the slide when new but that got a lot easier the more rounds I put through it…Great little handgun and a pleasure to shoot…

  17. charles says:

    I purchased this pistol several weeks ago and had the opportunity to fire it yesterday…this pistol is awesome…fired ~100 rounds, with no problems what-so-ever….it took me several rounds to get used to the trigger pull, as it had literally no resistance and the first time I thought I had pulled the trigger all the way and then it fired, and the reset was soooo close.
    After getting used to the trigger pull, I worked on my accuracy and had a
    3-5 inch grouping at 15 yards, which I thought was pretty good considering this was the first time I had fired this particular pistol…recoil was not an issue and I was able to quickly get back on target…I have ordered the pearce magazine extenders and will install them on the magazines for a more secure grip although none was experienced when I fired the weapon. This Taurus pistol is well made and a great buy for the money…I will replace this as my concealed carry with a little more practice. I purchased an IWB
    Uncle Mike’s size 12 holster, and it fits like a glove..I am very happy with this product and recommend it…By the way this is my first Taurus and will purchase more in the future.. a well made fun gun to have.

  18. Frank V says:

    Just got done shooting mine and I’m beyond disappointed. It cycles fine and feels good but it’s the most inaccurate gun I’ve ever shot. I have zero faith in it for CC. I thought something might have been wrong with me so I went to the rental counter and got a Ruger LC9 and a Glock 27. I was able to do 3″ groups with both of those at 7rds but the best I could do all day was 12″ at the same distance with the 709. Bye bye, selling it and moving on. Been shooting for 30yrs, never felt this way about a gun. Too bad too because this has spoiled any chance of me trying another Taurus product.

  19. Ron C. says:

    I have fired about 150 rounds thru my 709. It only cycles Remington ammo or at least it did. My past shooting involved firing one or two mags only. Yesterday at the range I fired 2 mags (Rem. 115gr. HP) with no problem. Beginning with the 3rd mag (I was using and reloading 2 mags) I began to experience FTE, FTL and the slide wouldn’t close all the way when loading. The fired cases had scratches all the way around. The gun when it fires is accurate. So gonna send it back to Taurus or ditch it. My CCW must go bang.

  20. James Phillips says:

    I bought this pistol for CC an have fired all types an brands of ammo an have never had an issue with it.I also have the Taurus PT-809 an it also shoots
    flawless.Cleaning any new gun is something many people fail to do an thats
    usually where the problems start.

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