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Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Pistol

Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Pistol

First Reviewed October 1, 2010
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The Smith & Wesson M&P .40 is a full size service pistol that shares all of its design features in common with the other members of the M&P line such as the M&P .357 and the M&P 9mm. The major difference, of course, is the fact that this gun is chambered for the more powerful .40 S&W cartridge.

This pistol falls in line with other members of the modern service pistol being manufactured today which have a forged steel slide and barrel matched to a polymer frame, a double-stack high capacity magazine, integrated Picatinny style accessory rail, and next-generation safety features.

Some may say that much of what is found on the M&P .40 is already found on pistols made by Glock, Springfield Armory, and others but these guns are loaded with innovative features not found anywhere else.

To begin with, the guns were among the first to be offered with interchangeable back straps which allow the size of the guns grip to be adjusted to fit each particular shooter's hand. The gun sports scalloped serrations at the rear of the slide which provide a superior purchase for the fingers when manipulating the slide when chambering a round. The front of the slide is controured in order to allow the pistol to be re-holstered in an easy snag-free way.

Where safety is concerned, the M&P .40 service pistol currently offers more integrated systems than any other manufacturer. Aside from the internal systems that make these pistol drop-proof, the M&P also comes standard with a sear deactivation lever which allows the gun to be disassembled without pulling the trigger as is required on Springfield Armory's XD Pistols. Also, in order to suit the needs of many civilian shooters as well as the department regulations of many law enforcement agencies, the M&P .40 can be ordered with an optional thumb safety.

The gun is completely ambidextrous with the magazine release readily able to be switched for either right or left handed operation. The thumb safety, when present, is ambidextrous and even the slide release can be operated from either side of the gun.

These service pistols ship standard with combat sights in a black-on-black color configuration. There are few options other than the thumb safety, but the gun can be ordered with Trijicon night sights for an additional charge.

Magazine capacity for this full size service pistol is 15 rounds of .40 S&W ammo. The gun is capable of firing +P ammos as well, but Smith & Wesson specifically states in the handgun manual that accompanies this pistol not to use +P+ ammunition as such ammos exceeds industry standards and has no standard conformity of the pressures these rounds on the firearms they are fired from.

Reviews of the Smith & Wesson M&P .40 can be found below. Please write a review of your own and share you personal experience and insight with others in the shooting community as to this gun's overall performance and value. Limit reviews to the .40 S&W edition of the pistol though as the compact versions as well as the pistols twins the M&P 9 and the M&P .357 have their own review sets.


16 Reviews for “Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Pistol”
  1. Luke says:

    This pistol is outstanding. I bought one recently and have put about 200 rounds through it with no failures. It’s a little big but I haven’t had any problems carrying it. The trigger pull is smooth and the gun shoots very accurately. The only thing I would do different if I could buy it again is get the one with night sights.

  2. Michael says:

    On a scale of 1-5, I rate the M&P 40 as such:
    -Reliability: 5
    I’ve fired over 1500 rounds through mine without a single malfunction. Even used a few boxes of steel cased.
    -Accuracy: 5
    Wow. When I do my part, this gun is amazingly accurate. Raged hole at 15 yards.
    -Durability: 5
    Had it for two years now, little sign of wear.
    -Concealability: 3
    This is a full-sized handgun. It’s light and very thin for its size, which helps. I carry it no problem, but it may be too big for some people.
    -Ergonomics: 5
    The M&P series is well known for its ergonomics. Fits the hand beautifully, with interchangeable back straps. Has that 1911 grip angle that most prefer, as opposed to the goofy wide angle grip on other pistols like glocks. Its also very balanced weight wise, not top heavy like some polymer pistols can to be.
    -Recoil: 4
    Recoil is damn fine with this pistol. It is a polymer framed weapon so it wont tame the recoil like a heavier steel framed weapon. But the M&Ps slide rests on a steel chassis which helps considerably.
    -Price: 5
    The M&P 40 can be had for around $500, even less in some places. Truth be told, I would gladly have paid $700+. This gun is on par with sigs, h&ks and will cost you $200 less.

    Overall, the M&P is an outstanding pistol. S&W really hit a home run with it.

  3. Ron Hammond says:

    bought a m&p 40 about 2 weeks ago. i’ve shot 150 rounds thru it with absolutely no malfunctions. this gun is very accurate and just plain
    smooth. it’s a joy to shoot. traded in a GLOCK and glad i did.

  4. Ron Hammond says:

    bought a m&p 40 about 2 weeks ago. i’ve shot 150 rounds thru it with
    absolutely no malfunctions. this gun is very accurate and just plain
    smooth. it’s a joy to shoot. traded in a GLOCK and glad i did.

  5. brandon s. says:

    I purchased my M&P40 just after I graduated AIT in the US ARMY. Since then, I have put well over 10K rounds through it. Factory and handloaded ammo. In the amount of rounds I have put through it, id say maybe a full magazine has had problems. (note: it was cheap wolf ammo. The issue was with the casings, not the firearm.) with its weight being amazingly distributed , the high capacity magazine, ease of use, and amazing price, i give the M&P40 5 stars all the way around. Either slow fire from prone, or rapid fire from standing, my M&P is always right on target, and always thirsty for more. I actually carry it as my side arm while hunting! Thank you Smith and Wesson. Amazing job.

  6. Gerry says:

    As soon as I picked this weapon I knew it was something special. Its one of those you never want to put down. It just feels great in the hand. Great balance, sturdy, a great shooter. This one is a keeper.

  7. chris says:

    Recently purchased a new m&p and have put about 400 rounds through with no problems. I also shoot a glock 17 and have found that I love the feel of the m&p is so much Luke the only thing I wish I could change is getting it with night sights. Other than that this is the gun I would recommend to beginners or experienced shooters. Its and all around great gun. Its easy to disassemble clean and reassemale with no problems.

  8. Tom Lattanzi says:

    Retired Police and SWAT Officer says, Reliable and Accurate, what more could you want…I have a Crimson Trace Laser on my MP-9, great for moving targets.
    Buy on you will be completely satisfied…

  9. Scott says:

    I went to my local gun shop to buy a Glock in .40 cal. I was talked into the Smith & Wesson M&P. The sales guy swore that if I did not like the Smith & Wesson after two weeks he would buy it back with his own money. I went to my local indoor pistol range with my M&P and rented a Glock to compare.

    The Smith & Wesson felt better in my hand and fired just as well as the Glock. I did have one misfire with my M&P but after 200 rounds it was probably just the cheap range Blazer ammo I was shooting. I am still a Glock fan but kept my Smith & Wesson M&P as my one home defense pistol.

    The state I live in does not allow concealed carry so concealability is not a concern of mine.

    Overall great gun, easy to field strip and clean and if you want to spend $400 plus you can replace the spring with a laser sight and also use the rail to mount a light.

  10. R. Davis says:

    Looking for a new carry piece, upgraded from a Ruger P85 to MP40 WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? This is a must have carry piece, back straps makes it fit any hand ergo correct, grouping is so tight, I used it to qualify expert marksman, concealing it – is a little larger then some, but 14 shots worth it, well balanced, recoil min. trigger – you don’t need to release all the way like I did on my Ruger only about 1/2 or a hair more, before it’s ready to pull again, sites, fast and easy to get back on target, little drift when rapid firing, but easy to get back on track.
    NICE JOB Smith and Wesson you hit a home run

  11. Keith Dummer says:

    I’ve had my M&P 40 cal for two years now. I’ve only fired 500 rounds from it but I can tell you this: I’ve never felt a more comfortable, user-friendly gun ever!! My “shooting buddy has four handguns including a 45 Glock and a 9mm Glock. Both excellent guns. But my M&P feels more controllable and smoother than the Glocks. It just FEELS like it’s a part of me!! The trigger action is butter smooth and the gun is faster than the operator. Really. I would rate this pistol as being one of the FINEST semi=autos around!! Sigs. Glocks. Taurus. Doesn’t matter. World class gun. If I was in the military, this is what I’d carry. Thank-you Smith and Wesson for making such a great firearm !! Proudly made in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA !!

  12. kulick says:

    This gun is awesome. i have shot atleast 1000 rounds and not one problem. I have shot crap bulk ammo and no problems. got mine for 549 and well worth it.

  13. Johnm says:

    M&P 40 is a good pistol; in my opinion. One complaint is that “why did they not make it so it shoots without the magazine being inserted.”

  14. ScottM says:

    I have owned my M&P 40 for about 2 weeks and have shot approx. 300 rounds with no malfunctions? the purchase price was $564. I have tried many different brands of ammo from 165 gr. HP to 180 gr. FMJ and all seem to be extremely accurate at around 25 rounds. At first I shot low, but have adapted to the sights and now my shots are spot on. I purchased the “range kit”, it came with 3 Mags and a loader, although I have found loading all 15 rounds into the clip to be no problem without it. The model I purchased has no safety features at all, except for the trigger safety, which is not much of a safety. But I’m not complaining. My 40 will shoot without the clip inserted also, I was not aware of some of the safety features when I ordered the gun, but I am glad I got what I did. Great gun all the way.

  15. Ron Williams says:

    .40 full size. Not an experienced shooter, 45+ years since military time. It was a joy from the start. The first handgun to feel comfortable In the hand. Went from 180gr to 165gr for recoil but that is a personal issue. Not quite satisfied with trigger pull, I don’t like the over travel, but again a personal issue ? I am a small person and the full size carries quite well.

  16. I purchased my M&P 40 to become my primary carry gun and am SO glad Icould not find what I was looking for. I also own an EMP in 40 and love it too anad was my #1 go to gun, but sorry Springfield the M&P will see action everytime I go on duty and your gun is now bedside company. Just can’t imagine how easy the transition from 1911 to DA only was and shootability is BOSS as is the accuracy. Qualified with it after only 250 rounds down the pipe also no failures which is a resonating theme here in the reviews. Mark this one down as a “must get”. Next year I’ll give you a duarability rating as 250 round is not the standard I am comfortable rating from. Just really great feel fit and value to me.

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