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Kel-Tec P-32 Pocket Pistol

Kel-Tec P-32 Pocket Pistol

First Reviewed October 15, 2010
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The Kel-Tec P-32 pocket pistol is the company's premier gun chambered for the .32 Auto cartridge. Some companies try to make a gun that does everything and some make a gun that does one thing well. The P-32 is an example of the latter. It is made specifically to work well as a concealed carry pistol.

Following the now tried and true design which has worked well for the company in the past. The P-32 features a two-element frame comprised of a lightweight aluminum internal skeleton wrapped in an impact resistant polymer external frame which also serves as the grip and trigger guard of the gun. This frame is then matched to a steel slide and steel barrel of the pocket pistol.

The gun is known for simplicity in both its design and operation. The controls are pretty much limited to the trigger and the reversible magazine release. The internal operation of the pistol, however, is anything but low-tech. While no external safety exists, the pocket pistol does feature a transfer bar which breaks to the continuity between the hammer and the firing pin and prevents the gun from being discharged without the trigger being pulled. The trigger itself is double-action only but is known for having a very light trigger pull when compared to other guns.

Kel-Tec markets the gun as having a superior locking mechanism, recoil operation, and real-world accuracy on par with larger compact size and service pistols. The P-32 is popular with civilians and law enforcement personnel both who use it as a primary or backup gun depending on what the situation calls for. They also are keenly aware that the gun is a favorite of female shooters who appreciate the grip size, relatively easy manipulation of the slide, and lack of complexity.

Magazine capacity is 7 rounds of .32 AUTO ammo and the magazine release is easily reversed for left handed shooters. The gun is not truly ambidextrous though, as the slide release is only mounted on the left side of the pistol. It is available in a blued, parkerized, or hard chrome finish.

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7 Reviews for “Kel-Tec P-32 Pocket Pistol”
  1. dikdiksdad says:

    The mag release can’t be reversed.
    There is no slide lock release.
    Did the reviewer actually handle a P32?

  2. Gertieguy says:

    Have one of these and it is the best for CCW, think my BlackBerry is bigger and heavier. At the range using FMJ and JHP rounds, no feed problems and the 8″ metal plates get knocked down. I wouldn’t want to be shot with it, figure dump a full magazine would be like a 00 Buck blast, so while not a 45, it’s something. I had to replace the Magazine release, super service from Kel Tec…called and part showed up next day. Easy to work on too. My fault with plastic mag release, need to hold button down when putting in or taking out magazine, letting it “click” just wears it out. If you want something super little, easy to hide/carry, very light, no recoil, not a rim fire, and low price, this is it.

  3. sheepdog says:

    Extraordinarily accurate with both Winchester Silvertips and Sellier & Belliot 73 grain FMJs. Inside of seven meters this piece will put the entire magazine into a 2″ circle without much fuss. I like to use the S&B FMJs as the roundnose bullets prevent rimlock in the magazines. Besides, there’s really not enough velocity with a .32ACP to create consistent expansion out of the P-32′s short 2.5″ barrel. The trigger has a longish stroke, but its pretty smooth and light. Trigger overtravel affects accuracy a bit, but a proper 2-handed grip will deliver good hits at distances inside ten meters. The sights are small, but are snagfree and redundant for contact shots or short point-and-shoot situations. For the price, this pistol is a great value as a backup or a tool that will allow you to break contact when the chips are down. Its safe, reliable, and accurate enough.

  4. MikeinFlorida says:

    The second time to the range and my wife and I put 47 of 50 in the 5.5 inch bullseye at 5 yards. The three outside were mine. Only 100 shots so far and not any problems of any kind. A true pocket pistol. The one at home will only protect me at home. The one in my pocket goes with me everywhere. Kel-Tec hit a home run with this one.

  5. luke says:

    ilove my kel-tek .32 except i have had problems with the mag.the cart.hang on the cart.and it will not feed thus it jams. if i could correct this the .32 would be super.any advice on thi problem would be nice- could it be the amo i’m using? i have no trust in this weapon.

  6. Mike says:

    The P-32 I purchased a few years ago has performed very well. It’s not a perfect carry pistol, but it has the benefit of being on one’s person if trouble starts, serving as a ‘break contact’ tool. Close in defense is this pistol’s strong suit.
    I regularly function-check and re-lubricate the pistol to insure it functions as it should.

  7. Mike says:

    My review for the KelTec P-32.

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