The Px4 Sub-Compact Pistol is being marketed by Beretta as "the most advanced sub-compact sidearm of it kind". The gun carries a lot in common with the service pistol variant of the same name with most of the modular components being kept in tact on the SC version of the pistol.

When you see how small this gun is compared to the standard 15-round Beretta 92FS, you'd never guess that this gun comes with a full 13 round magazine capactiy, but it's true. This only applies to the 9mm version of the pistol as the .40 S&W version only carries 10.

Not only does the Px4 Storm carry a lot of ammo, but it doesn't skimp on other features either. This sub-compact pistol comes standard with an ambidextrous safety and Beretta didn't forget that the magazine release needs to work for lefties too, so they made sure the mag release was reversable. Even the slide release can be switched to a left-handed shooting mode so that left-handed shooters are on equal terms with everyone else when they buy one of these guns.

This gun is still hammer-fired and features the smooth pulling Single Action/Double Action that Beretta is known for. As with the 92FS, the Px4 Storm sub-compact pistol's safety system breaks the firing pin in half so that the gun cannot be fired unless the safety is disenganged.

The gun has a bit of a "space age" look to it. This works both for and against the pistol as some shooters fee that any gun that has been "rounded out" will have accompanying functional flaws that will have been picked up in the process. For those most part, this fear is not realized in this sub-compact which, if you read the reviews below, has received wide acclaim by most who have actually used one. Fans of the gun even include some celebrities including Jessica Biel who called the gun her "sexy Beretta".

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