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Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 Pistol

Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 Pistol

First Reviewed November 22, 2010
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The Springfield Armory Range Officer is a 1911 pistol specifically designed to meet the needs of shooters who want to have a highly tuned, match-grade pistol that sheds many of the goodies found on the “Loaded'' models which increase the overall cost of production.

At first glance it may be difficult to see what the Range Officer lacks when compared to the Loaded 1911. Both have match-grade crossdrilled triggers, both have High Hand beavertail grip safeties. Both have a Delta-style skeletonized hammer and have a lowered and flared ejection port. Both have beveled mag wells. In fact, it would seem that the pistol has more in common with the Loaded lineup than with the G.I. or Mil-Spec series on 1911s.

The Range Officer does return to the G.I. style guide rod and plug, thus it does not need an allen wrench for disassembly. Instead of the night sights found on the Springfield Armory TRP it is equipped with fully adjustable target sights.

Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 Gallery

Springfield Armory Range Officer Gallery

From slide/frame matchup to the tuned 5” match grade barrel the internals of the Range Officer are tuned to a high degree in line with both the Trophy Match and TRP. When all is said and done this is one 1911 pistol which is an out-of-the-gate competition gun with an affordable price tag.

Two 7 round magazines ship with the gun as well as a injection molded slide-style holster and double-mag holder and as with all Springfield Armory pistols, the Range Officer is built in either the company's Brazilian or U.S. production facility and comes with the company's Lifetime Warranty.

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25 Reviews for “Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 Pistol”
  1. LCarnell says:

    A great gun at a very reasonable price. It is far more accurate than I am. After a 300 round breakin period with whitebox 230gr ball. it fed golden saber, hornady and corbon without any malfunctions. I was lucky enough to get a USA model “1 of 500″ on the slide. I know it really means one of the 500 made with that designation but still… It is a well made gun, I perfer it over the Kimber I have. I also know which parts are MIM but unless you are able to afford na Ed Brown, Wilson Combat etc… you either live with MIM or replace them through Brownell’s.

  2. has anyone changed.upgraded the sights on the 1911 range officer

  3. after shooting the range officer I find that the sights need to be adjusted to bring hits to the center of the target. Have not determined how many clicks needed per inch off center. anyone with suggestions.

  4. Shot the springfied range oficer hadngun for first time and hits were all low, at 7 o’clock, but gun worked flawless, feels great. Adjusted rear sight, with laser bore sight tool, reqired several clicks to put sight on center of the target. Will shoot again at the range next week. Can’t wait to check out my adjustments.

  5. Jim says:

    I hae shot about 500 rounds and the gun is a blast to shoot.

  6. Jim says:

    Great pistol

  7. Russ Maurey says:

    This my friends is one awsome piece! I traded an XD 40 and 50 bucks for this NIB w/3mags RO. No worrys, not much heavier, narrower, and conceals much better than the square bulk of the XD. Don’t get me wrong I loved my XD but i’ve wanted a 1911 since i could hold a gun. (Bout 52 years)
    When you shake it with the slide open or closed NOT a sound!! Took a couple of clicks on the target sights to get on the 10 ring. Steady as a rock, managable recoil. Dang can’t think of anything bad Oh yea one of the stickers on the lockable box won’t stay stuck down.

  8. Steve Force says:

    i just bought the Springfield 1911 A1 Range Oficer and I must say I love it. I shot the gun imediately after purchasing it as my gun store has an indoor range. I must tell you I am very impressed with the pistol at this $775.00 price point. All I did was put a couple of drops of oil in all the appropriate place and commenced shooting. i shot 150 round through it rather quickly without a single malfunction of any kind. The first two mags full didn’t group that great, but after three or four mags full I was putting them all inside 3″ at 15 yards off hand. All shooting was done with Wilson Combat 8 rd magazines except for the two 10 rd Wilsons I ran literally as fast as I could. I shot both PMC 230 Gr. fmj, Remington green and white box 230 gr. fmj, and Winchester PDXI 230 Gr. JHP. Everything in every mag shot well and without a hiccup. the fit and finish on this gun is incredible at this price. the gun is very tight as far as slide to frame and bushing to barrel fit, much tighter than my Colt XSE Rail Gun. I need a bushing wrench to strip it; I can turn the bushing in my Rail Gun easily with my fingers. The trigger is very crisp and without any excessive travel. The trigger feltabout 4lbs but I didn’t weigh it; I did compare it to the Kinber Royal II next to it in the case and it was much better than the Kimber. the salesman was suggesting the Kimber, but after felling the trigger and slide to frame fit he agreed the Springfield felt better. The Springfield was a franklin less and IMO a better gun. As far as a competitive competition pistol capable of being competitive out of the box at an entry level price; I think Springfield hit the nail right on the head. I would recommend this gun to anybody looking for their fist or last 1911.

  9. Jeremy says:

    Great gun! Paid $750.00 and tax a month ago… Have shot 200 rounds without incident. Still breaking in… Very nice fit and finish. Not sure I like the adjustable sights, I would rather have 3 dot fixed night sights. Very well made 1911. I can get 2″ groups at 25 yards with consistancy.

  10. JKB1911 says:

    This pistol has accomplished all of my needs. It’s basic and gives the 1911 feel. It’s by no means a high-tech piece of equipment; having standard guide rod, adjustable combat sights,and no fancy borings or engravings. However, this pistol does WORK. Shooting from several distances yields nearly perfect hits. Also, shooting downhill or uphill is a snap. Adjust the sights up or down according to your liking and you’ll be plinking in no time. Some downsides are that after maintenance, wear and tear from the gun’s natural operation occurs rather rapidly. I wouldn’t suggest this piece for your CCW either. The thing is 8 inches long… it’s just not practical. Overall, I have been very satisfied with this firearm and it holds a special place in my heart from this model’s rich history. 4/5

  11. T Kepley says:

    I bought my SA Range Officer for $660 plus tax and really like it. It shot well from 25 yards shooting one handed like in a bullseye match. It shot well enough to shoot in a Bullseye Match right out of the box using 160 grain Valiant SWC with a standard bullseye wadcutter load of about 775 ft per second. I have not give it the 50 yard test yet. I will have Dave to do a trigger job on it and get the trigger down about a pound and smooth it out just a little.

  12. I have had trijicon night sights installed on my adjustable rear sight on my R.O. A great improvement.. I now have the best of two types of sights for shooting at the range or home defense.

  13. Tucker says:

    I just bought this last week, and have only shot three mags through it, but so far I love it. Everything about this gun is obviously tuned for precision shooting. It seems to have a stronger recoil spring, which is good if you are shooting heavy loads. I’m taking it tomorrow to burn up several boxes of ammo and see how I like it then. Overall, I like it because I don’t have to spend alot of money adding to it, its a great precise gun right out of the package.

  14. Big F T says:

    I have just recently purchased the range officer and am very impressed with it. No issues so for and shoots very well with 230gr. hard ball. The gun is very well made and lives up to the springfield legendary quality!

  15. brentM says:

    I purchased my Range Officer six weeks ago, supplies remain tight and my local dealer struggled to locate one. Final price was $800 OTD.

    In comparison, I presently own Wilson, Nighthawk and Les Baer products in addition to a lightly modified Colt Combat Commander.

    The Range Officer (RO) has been flawless in feeding and ejection since the 100 round mark. There were two feeding failures and one failure to lockback initially. This with a selection of rejected carry ammo consisting of Federal Hydra-shocks, Gold Dot, Remington 230 ball and UMC ball ammo along with a approximately 200 rounds of 200 grain LaserCast SWC over Winchester 231. The gun exhibted no ignition problems, the ejection pattern was very acceptable and equally reliable.

    Accuracy with all ammunition tested was very good, well above typical combat grade. Groupings with the hollow points and ball ammo ran between 2 and 3 inches off hand at 20 yards. Accuracy was enhanced with the very good, nearly target grade, adjustable sights. The gun initially impacted slightly high and left with my normal sight picture. Two clicks of windage and three down centered the groups nicely.

    Shooting aside, the RO is a nicely built 1911 exhibiting above average fitting. The parkarized coating is made for durability (and perhaps to be easily removed if other coatings are desired). It will obviously wear well in even kydex holsters. I found the front sight to be a little sharp on presentations from leather gear without generous sight channels. That could be remedied easily with just a few strokes of a ceramic stone to the top rear corner of the sight. That same squareness on the front sight blade contributes greatly, though, to the accuracy of the gun and the good sight picture.

    The trigger pull was measured at 5 pounds on a dozen different attempts. It exhibited the least bit of detectable takeup, but letoff was very crisp. I rate the gun as extremely shootable as the trigger is out of the box. The take up is just enough that novice shooters with the gun were able to stage the trigger for excellent accuracy with relatively little 1911 experience.

    Springfield’s RO offers some of the best feaures of the 1911 family at a most reasonable price point. The traditional short guide rod is a big plus in today’s market. Many pistols come with a full length rod, which comlicates take down for new owners. The gun offers nice sights, very shootable checkered grips (almost too pretty to shoot as a range gun) and a thumb safety that is big enough without being a hinderence to people who prefer gripping with their right thumb beneath the safety.

    The gun is would fare well in a bullseye match at the club level, and probably far beyond. Yet it’s very usable for IDPA or USPSA single stack competition. Yes, it could have a lighter trigger, it does not have night sights, extended magazine release, or a embellished grip safety. But it functions and the frame is rock solid. Anyone wanting to modify the gun for a specific event could do so.

    And, finally, Springfield’s RO has proven itself to be a weapon that feeds, ejects and goes bang with solid dependability. And that trumps any cosmetic desires.

    IF you can find one, buy it. Odds are you will not be disappointed.

  16. Domingo Hernandez says:

    Bought this pistol and love it. only regret is that it does not have a “De -cocker”
    I know most 1911′s don’t have a de-cocker, but there are some out there that do.
    I for one would love to have that feature on this pistol.

  17. Dan Lewis says:

    I have had mine for six months. Its a tack driver Rite outta box gentalmen. For the money this is a awesome 1911. I converted it to shoot 45 super as well. I put my glock 21 back in the safe and i personaly carry this 5″ 1911 ccw with just a xl tshirt. I Love my springer.

  18. Mike says:

    love it, I wanted a 1911 for under 600 bucks, i spent 800 and change…. glad I did, I saved money by buying a truly competitive shooting pistol equipped as i wanted it. no complaints, love this pistol

  19. Roy says:

    Have been looking to buy my first 1911 and finally bought this beast today. It has impressed me from the second i started shooting it. As someone stated above i had to adjust it as it was shooting low for me as well. only 200 rounds through it today so still tweaking the sights. It shoots great groups and i was able to hit bulls eyes from 100 yards away shooting a 25 yard red center target.

  20. Anthony says:

    spent $800 plus tax well worth it the reviews helped alot thank you.

  21. Greg says:

    Just got the RO in the retail kit with hard case, holster, mag pouch, two mags, bore brush, and a whole ream of documentation for Christmas. Wife surprised me with it. Ran 7 mags through it the day after Christmas and really like the gun. Fit, finish, and appearance is top-drawer. Functioning was flawless. Trigger is very crisp! I tried only Federal 230gr hardball and Winchester “Ranger” 175gr prefragmented ammo. Excellent accuracy with both, but the lighter projectiles grouped a little higher at 25 yds. All shots were clustered below the bullseye at first. I adjusted the point of impact up by 7 clicks, and was dead on the money after that. After I was done punching paper, three empty soup cans from the recycle bin tried to rush me! I went through a 7 rd mag in a hurry resulting in three dead cans with thumb-sized holes through their worthless hides. Can wait to try some wadcutter target rounds in this pretty 1911. Wife did good!

  22. jason says:

    have had my ro for about 8 months now. love it. carry it concealed everyday in a shoulder rig or in my backpack. just to heavy for the pants. I have hit shots with it that im not even gonna post the distances cause a lot of you will think Im full of crap. adustable sights are great, just takes some rounds to dail you into your gun. easy to break down,easy to clean. nice and simple, but absolutly effective. we should have a 1911 on our flag without that platform we might would be speaking german right now..REALLY. cant beat the price. most consistent gun i have ever used. stays on traget shot after shot after shot. Springfield really hit the mark. I would suggest that anyone looking for a powerful handgun go to the RO and load up. It doesnt get any better, why spend another grand or so for a name.. best gun on the market

  23. SAM RIPINSKI says:

    I can tell you, that based on the other reviews, I paid considerably more for my Range Officer than all others. I paid $900 plus change, but, that having been said, it is worth that and more!!! I gave up the .40 cal S&W Sigma, that I was carrying, for what I have really wanted for years!!!! I fired it last weekend, at my local range, and only had to make some minor elevation adjustments to the rear sight. This weapon is dead on!!!! I am also pleasantly surprised with the comfortable recoil!!!! That added weight, I am sure, absorbs most of it. Bottom line, I love this 1911, and it is by far more accurate than those we had available, back in the late 60′s/early 70′s when I was in the Marine Corps. Congrats Springfield, this weapon is a WINNER!!!!!

  24. Fisher says:

    Purchased this awesome 1911 back in 2011 and still preforming solidly as it was new with over 1000 rounds without any problems. Never owned a 1911, shot a few and really wanted my 1st one to be worth it. Lots of choices were here but positive owners reviews and great articles like this one led me to the S.A. Range Officer. Hard earned money well spent! Thanks Springfield, you’ve raised the bar even higher with this handgun! A Commander model soon?

  25. Vinny says:

    1st 1911, purchased today without knowing which Model Springfield (call it a blindfolded evaluation). That said the decision was subjective. Comparing differing Co’s offerings and at differing price points. Personal concerns were from a Southpaw’s perspective. How easy/smooth was the slide release and mag release using my index finger. Was it possible to engage/disengage the left sided safety with my index (knuckle) and future retrofit for an ambidextrous safety. Trigger smoothness to include (uptake/reset) with no grittiness. Slide to frame fit. Not to leave out overall finish. Other brands handled were Para USA, Ruger, Taurus, Rock Island, Remington, and another Springfield (TRP). My pockets are not deep enough for the TRP @ over $1400. The slide release was the best IMO @ this price point. Preferred the trigger of the R.O. over the more $$$ Remington @ $1100 (although the slide was butter smooth on the Remi). As far as ambidextrous safety; the right side grip panel is already inlet-ted for one +++. $847 NIB out the door (in Maryland) was worth it IMO. After reading several reviews and all of the positive comments the time at the range is assured not to disappoint. Happy Happy Happy

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