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Springfield Armory XD-45acp Pistol

Springfield Armory XD-45acp Pistol
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While the 9mm may be the most popular pistol cartridge in the world, the .45 ACP holds a special place in the heart of American shooters because of the perennial popularity of the 1911 pistol. Eventually, Springfield Armory realized the necessity of producing a polymer gun for the cartridge and the result was the long-awaited XD-45acp.

This gun, which is slightly larger than it's 9mm and .40 S&W brethren, is otherwise identical to other service pistols of the XD platform. All elements of the Springfield Armory Ultra Safe Assurance (USA) system are found on the XD-45. This includes the center positioned trigger safety, the 1911-style grip safety, and the two internal safety systems which make the gun drop-proof.

The barrel and slide are made from forged steel and feature front and rear slide serrations which provide a good grip when manipulating the slide to chamber a round. The grip of the gun's polymer frame is treated with a no-slip patter as well. The underside of the dust cover features an integrated rail which will accept most tactical flashlights and laser sights.

Springfield Armory XD-45 Service Pistol Gallery

Springfield Armory XD-45 Pistol Gallery

Due to immense popularity which the XD-45 has received Springfield Armory has gone from producing the gun in just a Black Melonite coated slide and barrel to a black polymer frame (XD9611HCSP06) to a Bi-Tone Stainless Steel-to-Black (XD9613HCSP06), Black-to-Green (XD9612HCSP06), Stainless-to-Dark Earth (XD9163HCSP06), and Stainless-to-Green (XD9165HCSP06) configurations.

Standard equipment includes 3-dot combat sights but Springfield Armory produces the guns with optional night sights as well. As with all XD pistols, switching out the sights is no easy task and usually requires the services of a experienced gun smith so if you want night sights on this gun it's often best to make it easy on yourself and get a gun which has them pre-installed at the factory.

The gun ships from the Springfield Armory factory with two 13 round magazines, slide-style holster, double mag pouch, and a few other freebies.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory XD-45acp service pistol can be found below. If you've had a chance to shoot this gun or perhaps own one yourself, please write a review to let other shooters who are considering purchasing one of these guns know the good and bad elements of this gun. Be sure to include your review in the proper place. All color combinations of the 4" service model can be included here but the XD-45 Tactical, XD-45 Compact, Thumb Safety XD-45, and XD-45 GAP, which are similar in appearance, are different guns and have their own respective review sets. Also, be sure to email a picture of your pistol to and we'll be sure to add it to the XD-45acp Photo Gallery.

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14 Reviews for “Springfield Armory XD-45acp Pistol”
  1. Rolf Peterson says:

    The Springfield XD 45 full size is the finest quality handgun I have ever owned. I have served in Combat Arms for the United States Army for 7 years, and in Law Enforcement equally as long and I have never had a better performing handgun. This is a large frame gun and should be handled by someone physically set up to handle a full sized semi auto. The smaller versions are equally as nice and of the highest quality. I have carried another well known black plastic gun for quite some time, but this gun is far superior in many ways. The quality of the parts and the finish on this gun are excellent. I teach CCW classes in MN and this is the weapon I recommend strongly to my students due to its superior safety features and again the extreme quality. I am very pleased to say “I am a Springfield Guy” and very proud of it. I have outfitted very small persons with versions of XD’s and XDm’s which have fit hands properly of all sizes. Be sure to take the time to find the XD that fits you right. The XDm’s are very size versital and are simply the way to go.

    Be safe and shoot with confidence!

  2. bart says:

    Awesome! A truly wicked gun. I reecently rented one for testing before buying. I was not dissapointed. Couldn’t think of a thing to criticize so Im buying one asap. Was originally testing the xd 40 which was nice and funtioned well but….. The muzzle flip was unacceptible to my taste. I then turned it in and tried the. 45. Night and dqy. Virtually no muzzle flip. All backward thrust and a satisfying WHOOMP!! Rather than the CRAAACK! of the. 40. And 9 mm. Raw power baby!! I now see why that. 45 acp round has been so popular all these years. Very nice to shoot.

  3. Robert Granger says:

    Truely on of the best firearms I own. I have the compact XD .45. It has very little recoil and it is easily concealed. I carry at 3 O’clock with no printing. The holster that comes with it is fine for the range, but get a good holster for carry. The mag carrier that comes with is work good. I would highly recomind this pistol to all my friends. I am now looking at the Range Officer. You can’t go wrong with Springfield Armory.

  4. Bob says:

    1. Very accurate
    2. Several holsters available for.
    3. Uses different manufacturer’s ammo
    4. No problems noted.
    5. Ammo easy to find.

    1. Weight.
    2. Not for small hands.

  5. Charles Hall says:

    Springfield XD-45 acp, 4″ barrel, black/black, :
    I have had mine for about 4 years now, and still have nothing negative to say about it. It was about $60 less expensive than the Glock 17 I had purchased in 1999. The first thing I noticed when I started shooting it was the smooth trigger pull. I am used to shooting DAO autos [ Kel-Tec & Glock ], but the lighter trigger pull on the XD-45 gave me incredible accuracy with it during my first 2 magazines. Oh, the magazines – very high quality, stainless [or nickel-plated?], 13 round capacity, and I think mine came with 3 of them. Mine came with the XD gear kit, which included the magazines, a belt carrier for 2 of them, a decent holster, and a cleaning kit, all in a nice plastic case. Since .45acp is more expensive than 9mm ammo, I don’t pour as many rounds through it as I might otherwise, but I think it has seen around 600 rnds. without any malfunctions. Probably 200 of those rnds. were with a tactical light attached. It is simple to take apart for cleaning, the finish seems very durable, and I don’t mind wearing it in dusty conditions. I haven’t carried it concealed – only on my hip while hiking and riding ATV’s. It is comfortable there in the factory supplied holster, and even with 14 rounds of .45, is not overly heavy. I may end up buying an XD9. I am certainly a fan.

  6. John W says:

    I am left handed and was looking for a more ambidextrous pistol, when a sheriff friend let me try his XD45 at the range. My first shot took out the x in the bull at 7yds. Natural point of aim was spot on for me.
    I now own both a XD45 Tactical and XD45 Compact which are now my preferred carry guns in a ThreatSolutions UCR IWB holster which conceals the large frame pistol very nicely and is super comfortable for all day carry.
    The pistols are accurate, controllable and reliable. Only downside is you can pinch your palm on a rapid mag change with full size mags in compact frame if you use the plastic sleeve, and the factory sights seem to be stomped in with a 200 ton press, so order with the sights you want or find a ‘smith that knows what they are doing. I needed to do this after futile attempt to self-install some Tritium sights.

  7. Jim Mofford says:

    I purchased the XD 45 ACP 3 years when actually I was looking for a different gun.
    The dealer was out of the other make and suggested the XD, I had just that morning read NRA’s review of the XD and noted how impressed they were with it.
    I held it for about 10 seconds and realized I wanted it. I immediately took it to the range and blew out the center of the target with the first round.
    This was my first positive experience with a 45. I have not regretted the XD at all I went through an NRA instructor course last year all 17 of us were in posession of an XD. Fabulous gun you won’t go wrong with it.
    I only wish the included holster was available for left handed shooters.

  8. Kevin Groves says:

    Bought the xd service model in the .45 acp for concealed carry. Can carry it all day with no problems with a iwb holster and im 5’9 175 lbs. Like the fact that it has little to no print and still can hold 14 rounds of 45 acp power. Groups are tight and the recoil is very manageable. Can’t say enough about this gun can’t wait to buy a sub compact model for my wife’s carry gun.

  9. Dale says:

    Bought a XD-m 5.25 in .45 auto. Wanted it mainly for bow hunting carry. Got lots of large predators around. This is a very accurate and fun gun to shoot. Like my XD-m compact its not very fussy about what brand or weight ammo you feed it. Fairly mild recoil.

  10. Bruce Mathis says:

    A great pistol in every area. I was so impressed that I bought a XDs at the first
    Both pistols are fantastic.

  11. Jeff Nelson says:

    Great shooting gun and never had any failures except when I tried loading some light 185gr SWC, then it would FTF. I agree with all the other reviewers that it is a great gun but it is not very concealable.

    I no longer have mine (I wanted a 1911 and also something more concealable) but would have no problem recomending this gun.

  12. Steve says:

    The XD 45 compact was my first pistol I bought 4 years ago. I love this gun, never had any reliability issues, the black finish still looks new. Will never part ways with it. i love that it comes w/ 10 round mag for conceal carry & 13 round for service.

  13. Brynn says:

    I have a .45 XD service model and u LOVE it! Excellent accuracy, super light kick and light to carry. it definitely isn’t for people with small hands ( this size isn’t anyway) and I agree that there are guns that are easier to ccarry concealed, but I carry mine with very little difficulty in a Galco Kingtuck IWB holster. I have a small waist and wide hips so it took a little doing (I don’t carry a purse and I don’t like off-body carry anyway) but it’s was completely worth the effort to be able to carry this. I recommend this gun to everyone.

  14. Don From The Land of Grits and Honey says:

    I have owned a vintage 70 Series Colt Combat Commander with Satin Nickel finish for many years. My friends would drool over it, being such a great 1911 variation. The only issue was that I couldn’t get up in a tree and hit the ground with it!! I could really shoot a 9mm, but wanted to be able to shoot a .45. Then along came my XD 45. A great shooter right out of the box. Perfect fit with excellent trigger pull. Very manageable recoil and little barrel lift. A truly great no compromise weapon at ANY price. Love the grip safety and ambidextrous mag release buttons. I am a huge XD fan now and highly recommend this weapon platform.

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