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Springfield Armory XD-45LE Tactical Pistol

Springfield Armory XD-45LE Tactical Pistol
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The XD-45LE GAP tactical pistol is similar to its 4” service model sister pistol but it gets upgraded to a 5” barrel along with a longer accompanying slide. Together these two elements make for slightly more accurate shot groups as, theoretically, a longer barrel will optimize the velocity of the round as it leaves the muzzle allowing for a flatter trajectory shot and yielding tighter groups.

While the Tactical XD-45LE does come with an integrated accessory rail, the “Tactical” nature of the pistol pretty much ends there as all the other elements of the gun remain in common with the 4” version of the gun. It may be that this is just as much of a competition pistol as it is a tactical one.

All XD-45LE pistols are chambered for the controversial .45 GAP cartridge. While the performance statistics on this round tended to be all positive it was not widely accepted and is difficult to source ammo for as well as reload. This has led to less-than-satisfactory sales for Springfield Armory where this pistol is concerned and the company has chosen to make them only in the Black-on-Black Melonite finish.

All elements of the Springfield Armory Ultra Safe Assurance (USA) system including the striker status indicator, loaded chamber indicator, and trigger and grip safeties are found on the 5” XD-45LE Tactical. As with most tactical pistols and all XD guns this one comes with an integrated rail setup.

The pistol comes standard from the factory with 3-dot combat sights dove-tailed into the front and rear of the slide. Upgraded adjustable sights are available from the custom shop.

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Springfield Armory XD-45LE Tactical Pistol

Magazine capacity for the Tactical XD-45 GAP remains at just 9 rounds which can be problematic for many competition events as well as in real-world tactical response scenarios.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory XD-45LE tactical pistol can be found below. We would like to thank you in advance if you choose to write a review of your experience shooting this gun. Please be sure to keep the reviews here limited to the 5” Tactical version of the pistol as the 4” XD-45 GAP service pistol has it's own review set as does the XD-45ACP and the XD-40 Tactical. If you want, email a picture of your pistol to and we'll be sure to add it to the XD-45LE Tactical Photo Gallery.

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7 Reviews for “Springfield Armory XD-45LE Tactical Pistol”
  1. bf says:

    I just bought this pistol a couple of weeks ago and it’s extremely accurate. The recoil isn’t bad, and The 14 round capacity is a must have. The grip is comfortable but the 5″ barrel makes it difficult to find a concealable holster.

  2. Mbert says:

    Just got one of these… Kinda new with guns except my BB guns lol. Seems more accurate and feels nicer than the glock 9 I’ve shot. Not exactly the best conceal because of the 5″ barrel but not bulky at all so it’s pretty decent concealability for a 5″. The mag is not as easy to release as the compact 4 incher but the 13 round mag+1 chamber you should be able to plan your reload unless you are in a really sticky situation. Mag release was as nice as any of the other 5″ I looked at. Had 8 inch groups at 40 yards with a little practice not sure if that’s good or bad.

  3. Randy Sutton says:

    Bought mine several years ago. Like it a lot. Have no problem buying or reloading 45GAP ammo. Accurate, moderate recoil. But it is a bit large and heavy for carry. a Milt Sparks Versa-Max holster does wonders. Wish the trigger reset was shorter and the trigger crisper. Very good gun.

  4. Chrisco7 says:

    It looks like the first 2 reviewers are not sure which pistol they have, because this pistol only has 9 rounds in it’s magazines! This was the very first XD pistol that I purchased, and was responsible for the other XD pistols that I now own. It’s a full sized,5 inch barreled, tactical tool that exceeds any expectations that I may have had for it! It shot as accurately as any pistol I have shot, and never had any kind of malfunction, PERIOD! I ended up pawning it, because of difficulty finding ammo for it, and have regretted it ever since. This pistol is an incredible addition for any firearm enthusiast’s collection. I used to joke with my buddy about calling it “Black Death,” because it was such a tough and purposeful looking firearm. I would love to purchase another one, and will, if I ever find one again! It’s such a shame that the .45 GAP round has had such an uneventful existence, that has resulted in so few firearms with which to chamber it in. It’s funny and ignorant, all of the things i had said to me about this round, when most people knew nothing about it really. Springfield even had a “Micro” 1911 designed for it, but I don’t think it ever made it into production, because of lack of interest I’m guessing. I saw a review of the prototype, and was planning on buying one. Oh well, I guess i’ll have to keep my eyes open, so I can at least replace this XD that I never should have let go. It still remains as one of the most accurate, reliable, and downright awesome .45s that I have had the pleasure to shoot and own. I’m glad that the Florida Highway Patrol and some others have finally realized the potential of the .45 GAP round, now maybe some of the other manufacturers will take another look. Glock knows what it has! It’s a high-pressured .45 round, that’s a hair shorter than most 9mm rounds. You have to hold the grip in your hand, for comparison, and then maybe you’ll get it!

  5. Kevin says:

    I bought an XD-LE 45 GAP tactical new in the box from a local gun shop about 4 years ago for $420 out the door. It was a spur of the moment move but it felt so good in my hand I couldn’t resist. I put 1100 rounds through it and have had only 2 misfires and 3 casings getting caught while ejecting. All 3 eject problems were during rapid fire situations. The gun is not as heavy as it looks and shoots great. I shoot 25 yds at a local indoor range with it once and a while and can make a mess out of an 8 inch target. Only a few people have asked what I am shooting but I can feel many others watching. I let my son shoot it at 12 years of age and he had good control of the recoil. I am not a gun expert but I have shot my share of guns and this one I will keep. It feels great, shoots great, its reliable and I have plenty of ammo for it. I didn’t rate concealability for it because its not a carry gun. Besides, when push comes to shove I want the bad guy to see and feel what he’s up against. I rated value low due to ammo prices but I find ammo on line (federal and speer) for $20 a box which is OK with me but I know that cost is a problem for lots of people. Hollow points are about the same price as ACP rounds and many other calibers for that matter. I love my Springfield GAP and have since bought an XDM 40 S&W and love that gun too. If you come across an XD gap for cheap grab it and stock up with ammo because we all know whats coming.The gun won’t let you down but the government will.


  6. Joe m. says:

    I picked this gun up from a co-worker in 2010 on anconcealneframemo would be more expensive than 45 acp, but couldn’t pass it up for $350. I nearly resold it without firing it, mainly due to the cost per round to shoot it, but ended up buying a box of ammo online. One mag through the weapon was all it took to convince me it was a keeper. To date it still has the most natural, intuitive grip and ergonomics of any of my handguns. that, combined with the 5″ barrel allows for very accurate shooting in every circumstance.
    to be able to afford to shoot this regularly, I invested in a reloading (few hundred bucks), and bought 1,000 rounds of once fired brass from a LEO range in Florida ($60)
    As long as you’re careful, releasing is easy and cheap, and absolutely worth it for this gem of a gun.
    Like most others have said, concealability is poor, there are plenty of other options better for that.
    Reliability is top notch, with not a single issue so far to report. This gun has fed, fired and ejected multiple types and brands of ammo without hesitation.
    9+1 is a bit disheartening in terms of mag capacity, but it’s understandable considering Springfield crammed 45 caliber rounds into the same size frame as it’s smaller siblings.

    Balistically, this round out performs the 45ACP in shorter barrels, and is at minimum on par with it out of the 5″.
    Chronograph data from my reloading has 200gr JHP Rainer bullets averaging 900fps with 5.0 grains of Hodgdon Universal. I load slightly longer, and low on powder for safety and less wear and tear on the gun, and feel this is is very satisfactory ballistic performance for target ammo.


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