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Springfield Armory XD-9 Tactical Pistol

Springfield Armory XD-9 Tactical Pistol
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The XD-9 Tactical pistol from Springfield Armory is nearly identical to the shorter barreled service model. The extra length works to increase the muzzle velocity of the bullet when it leaves the 5” barrel which provides an flatter shot trajectory and increased accuracy at longer distances. These factors combine to make the gun a superior performer at competitions and in tactical law enforcement/military work where accuracy at distances greater than 20 yards becomes a game-changing issue.

Differences is the Tactical XD-9 are primarily limited to the longer barrel, slide, and corresponding recoil spring assembly. The lower receiver of the gun as well as the internal single-action, striker-fired trigger setup components remain identical to the original XD-9.

Safety systems remain the same on this gun. This includes the grip safety, trigger safety, and both internal safety systems. The striker status indicator which provides both a visual and physical indication that the gun is cocked and ready to fire remain intact on this gun. Other crossover elements are the integrated rail system, grip texture, 3-dot combat sights, and ambidextrous magazine release.

Springfield Armory ships the XD-9 Tactical pistol with two 16 round magazines. It would seem logical that 30+ round high-capactiy magazines would be made available, but as of November 2010, the company was not making them and if they are made by aftermarket companies, they are not easy to find.

Springfield Armory Tactical XD-9 Pistol Reviews

Springfield Armory Tactical XD-9 Pistol

Finishes for the XD-9 tactical pistol is limited to black slide/black frame and black slide/green frame. The black-on-black versions of the pistol are available with night sights (XD9411HCSP06) or without (XD9401HSP06) the green frame version (XD9404HCSP06) is not available with night sights unless requested from the custom shop. The Melonite black finish is resistant to both corrosion and wear but some feel that it is not as reliable as stainless steel. Alas, Springfield Armory is not making a bi-tone stainless steel version of the gun available at this time and with the focus shifting to production of the XDm line it is unlikely that this will change in the near future.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory Tactical XD-9 pistol are found below with the newest reviews further down the page. Please feel free to write a review of your own but be sure to include reviews of only the Tactical XD-9 with the 5” barrel here (black or green frame are both fine) as the traditional XD-9 service pistol, and the Tactical XD-40, and Tactical XD-45, Tactical XD-357, and the Tactical XD-45LE with the .45 GAP round all have their own review sets. If you have a photo of your gun, please send it to and we'll be sure to add it to the Tactical XD-9 photo gallery once your review is approved and goes live on the site.

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3 Reviews for “Springfield Armory XD-9 Tactical Pistol”
  1. Tommy S. says:

    I just purchased a Springfield XDM Compact 3.8 and I gotta say I should have bought one of these sooner, even if it was a standard XD-SA.
    This is one of the most solid looking/feeling guns that I own. In my opinion it is more solid than a Glock. Everything on this gun is tight, even the magazines were a bit hard to load without the supplied speedloader ! The mechanism is a striker fired action similar to Glock except that when breaking the weapon down there’s no need to pull the trigger. As much of the same as the XDM is similar to a Glock, it is different. The trigger is different and better than Glock’s in that it’s smoother, lighter and crisper. The striker system is slightly different and the outside exterior of the striker is recommended that it not be oiled by the manufacturer. The frame is a nice looking and strong polymer, slide a nitride salt bathed melonite finished curvy beauty with nice lines and nice set up mechanism underneath, barrel is match grade and solid with traditional rifling . The Melonite finish is strong and good looking.It is applied thick. It is a more matte finish where a Glock is more of a satin. id say that Glocks tennifer has a slight edge but not much of a difference to decide against an XD[M] ! Shooting at the range the gun produced the best groups with Winchester 180 gr PDX-1 and White Box Bonded Hollow points, and also with Hornady Critical Defense in 165 gr. Both avereging about 2.25. Pretty good out of a gun with a sub four inch barrel. I probably could have done better but I was a bit out of practice, LOL !
    All-in-all I love the XDM series and im already eyeing up the XD Tactical 45 with the dark earth and black slide finish. Until then I’ll save my pennies and dream.

  2. David says:

    Great home/range pistol. I perfer the grip angle to the Glock. Just as relable as a Glock and usually a few dollars cheaper. Owning the pistol I have shot over 2000 rounds mostly Black Hills 124gr. I know the XTP feeds well with this pistol at least mine. It is a soft shooter, in fact can shoot this pistol all day. Only down fall is that the size is not CCW friendly, but there is a sub compact model for that use. As a home gun with a light added gives a great standoff ability to protect the wife and myself as backup come. Glad to see the aftermarket making parts for this great pistol. So try it out. The two top pistols are this and Glock either one will fit you.

  3. Phil says:

    I only own one handgun. A Beretta 96FS 40SW which I’ve had for 15 years. Previous experience was qualifying with and carrying the M1911 in Vietnam.

    I purchased the XD9 subcompact for concealed carry and could not be happier with it. It’s reliability is superb, and like law enforcement folks who have reviewed this weapon; I will trust my life on it’s reliability.

    I test fired this against the Glock 26, the Beretta PX4 Storm sub, and the S&W MD9. Like the ergonomics best among these guns. That is my opinion as it’s difficult to quantify feel. I did find this patterned significantly better than the others fired at 7 and 15 yds. I attributed this mostly to the steady feel and the smooth trigger pull, as I used my setup ritual on all 4. I also fired the same 9mm premium ammo in all 4.

    I doubt if most people will go this far in comparing, and don’t feel you need to. You can certainly get a sense of “feel” at the gun counter without firing. I feel the other guns rank high in reliablity, safety, accuracy and value. I feel comfortable recommending this firearm solely on the basis of ergonomics. Good shooting everyone.

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