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Springfield Armory XDm-40 Pistol

Springfield Armory XDm-40 Pistol
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The Springfield Armory XDm-40 is proof positive that if it ain't broke you can still fix it. Released at the same time as it's higher capacity XDm-9 twin, the .40 S&W version of the high-tech gun brings a lot of value to the table.

Out of the gate the gun gets a 4.5” match grade barrel along with a matching slide and double-spring guide rod. This barrel optimizes the accuracy of the .40 S&W cartridge by providing a slightly greater muzzle velocity which results in a flatter flight path for the expelled round. The greater accuracy comes with a trade off in concealablity though. At 8” in overall length, the gun is a true service pistol and unlike the XD-40, is not easy to conceal comfortably which is why many who have been eyeing one of Springfield Armory's newest pistols will often go with the compact XDm-40 3.8 instead of this full-size variant.

The Springfield Armory XDm-40 still comes with the company's USA (Ultra Safe Assurance) safety systems, lifetime warranty, low profile combat sights, Mega-Lock grip texture, integrated rail system, and both the loaded chamber indicator and striker status indicator. Both front and real slide serrations are cut into the gun. Early versions of these were more simple in design with a simple forward-slanting pattern but after the introduction of the V-shaped serrations in the 3.8 model the gun was eventually switched over to the newer pattern. This service pistol also offers the XDm interchangeable back strap option which allows you the shooter to customize the feel of the pistol to your ideal grip.

Springfield Armory XDm-40 Pistol Gallery

Springfield Armory XDm-40 Gallery

The match-grade barrel is fully supported and rated to handled .40 S&W +P ammo as well as most +P+ cartridges. The latter will not get you 10mm performance but it comes rather close and doesn't require you to have a monster-grip in order to grasp the gun properly. Higher pressure ammo will of course increase muzzle flip but aftermarket upgrades which increase the forward weight of the gun such as a tungsten guide rod are already available on the aftermarket XDm scene.

Springfield Armory offers the XDm-40 service pistol in a myriad of color choices. A black Melonite slide matched to the black frame is most common but the company also offered a Bi-Tone Stainless Steel Slide/Black Frame from Day One. Eventually the company expanded the line to offer green framed options with either the black or stainless upper.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory XDm-40 service pistol can be found below. Newest reviews are further down the page. Please write a review of your own if you've had a chance to carry and/or shoot this gun in the past. Be sure to include your review in the right location as the XDm-9, the XDm-40 3.8, and XDm-40 Compact all have their own independent review sets. Please send a picture of your own gun to as well so we can include it in the XDm-40 Picture Gallery once your review is approved.

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6 Reviews for “Springfield Armory XDm-40 Pistol”
  1. Bruce McDowell says:

    Just a great gun, not only good looking, but fit and finish are remarkable. It is powerful, but pleasent to shoot and you can adjust the grip for custom fit. So far I have shot about 500 rounds without a hitch and the new XDM-40 seems even more accurate than my older XD-40. Both of those fit my hand more naturally than a Glock. The XDM-40 4.5 is a large weapon and needs some thinking to conceal, but might be worth the effort with 17 rounds of comforting .40 firepower. It has a light/laser rail and would be a good gun for the nightstand as well. Finally, it is easy to clean – just flip the slide release, strip off the slide and have at it.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Not rating this specifically, however … for any ladies looking to get a larger caliber handgun … here is my wife’s review of the XD-M.

    Wife has been thinking about getting a handgun and taking a CCW class. Possibly getting a permit. Yeah, pretty sexy stuff if you ask me. So I made sure we dropped by the local gun shop ASAP to let her handle some of the different styles, models and sizes.

    She didn’t like the feel of smaller frame hand-guns, … she actually likes how the XD-M’s feels in her small hands.

    Once we decided what Type/Frame/Size she wanted, we then talked about caliber.
    - revolver or semi-auto (semi-auto)
    - size/model/style (XD-M)
    - 9mm/40/45

    After all the discussion her decision came down to 4 things.
    1. She felt more secure/safer with a larger handgun an the grip of the XD fells comfortable and secure in her smaller hands.
    2. She really likes all the Safety Features of the XD’s.
    3. She asked me if she had to use the gun to defend herself, which caliber would I want her to be using in an emergency.
    4. She has no intention of Concealed Cary all the time, but rather have it as a purse-carry once in awhile, or when traveling. Otherwise she’ll probably Open-carry

    Her final choice (not my choice, but her choice that she paid for with her own money) is a XD-M .45, in the 3.8 configuration.

    If she ever wants to trade to a smaller CCW I’d be quite proud to carry this XD. In the mean time, I’ll keep my Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec.

    ! Nobody laughs are her for carrying a “girlie” gun.
    ! It will shoot the same reloads I shoot.

    Win. Win.

  3. earl says:

    I have a h&k 40 cal and am thinking of trading for a xdm 40 cal. need some advice. what to do HELP

  4. earl says:

    I now have a hk 40 and have a chance on trading it for a ruger gp100 wiley clap, and with left over pick up a xdm used at a local gun store. need feed back. thanks

  5. Good post. I wil be experiencing many oof these issues as well..


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